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The Horton City Commission met for the first time in October, and after hearing a reading of the Letter of Conditions for Phase III of the Wastewater Treatment Facility Application and Mitigation Measures, the group voted to give the go-ahead for the loan.

Sarah Hines, a Loan Specialist from Rural Development was present to read the information, and also informed the Commission that the Letter of Conditions is still under review by the national office. The Commission then voted to approve the Letter of Intent to Meet Conditions, the Request for Obligation of Funds, the Water and Waste System Grant Agreement, and the Loan Resolution for the loan amount of $3,303,000.00 and a grant amount of $2,579,000.00.

The Commission also voted to approve an ordinance combing the operation and administration of the city’s parks and recreation, creating a single Parks and Recreation Department, which will be administered by the City. The group also heard a presentation of their 2018 audit by Sean Gordon, who will work with City Clerk Kim Knudson to assist in addressing the deficiencies on the audit before the 2019 audit is conducted.

LaMont Cook was present from Mission Village, informing the Commission that the roof is nearly complete, with interior repairs next up. Cook also noted that the Manor had an increase in revenue from July, with a profit of $6,682 for the month. City Administrator John Calhoon reported that a discussion with a hospital trustee revealed that the hospital and clinic will be up for auction on December 29 of this year. Calhoon also reminded the Commission that the city’s Veterans Day Parade will be held downtown at noon on Monday, Nov. 11.

At a previous Special Meeting at the end of September, the Commission held the final hearing for the property at 105 East 8th Street. The property, owned by Melissa Razo has been up for debate for some time, and with Razo unable to show cause why the building should not be condemned, the Commission voted to authorize the city attorney to prepare a resolution to rehabilitate the property by demotion or repair. City Attorney Kevin Hill then recommended that the City proceed with asbestos testing and contacting a contractor for demolition.

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