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Horton City Hall can be seen in this undated photo.

The Horton City Commission met for the final time in 2021, which was the final meeting for longtime Commissioners Wade Edwards and Ken Krug. Former Commissioner Bobby Bacon was present to thank each man for teaching him throughout the years, while Mayor Bryan Stirton and Commissioner Rex West complemented the pair, as well. Edwards took a moment to share his enjoyment of his time on the Commission.

The Commission will meet with members of First Option Bank and GNBank, who are bidding for the city’s banking services with a decision to made in January. The group voted to approve the 2022 Cereal Malt Beverage license for Horton Thriftway, and also approved adding Brianna Dowell to the Parks & Recreation Board, and also to move Kelsey Keever from part-time Court Clerk to full time.

There was some discussion of a the previously-approved electric rate increase. Commissioner Edwards said that there was some miscommunication prior to the meeting, leading to the approved increase being higher than intended. The group voted to repeal the prior vote of a 2.38 cent per kilowatt per hour increase, then approved a .00238 cent per kilowatt hour increase in its place. The adjusted increase should raise roughly $3,000 per month for the city.

City Administrator John Calhoon informed the group that Waste Management offered the residential carts in city for $10 each, which is well below market value as a good will gesture. The Commission purchase 735 carts at $10 per cart. Calhoon also discussed a $2,000 KCAMP grant that will be used to purchase exterior cameras for the wastewater treatment facility.

Commissioner Edwards proposed a final motion, offering a $300 Christmas bonus for full-time city employees and $150 for part-timers, which was approved unanimously.

In other business, the group approved the Consent Agenda, which included $34,885.77 for payroll and $296,731.11 for disbursements.

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