Families in Northeast Kansas with foster and adopted children will soon have a new resource in Troy for clothing and other needed items. It’s called Kadens Kloset, and it will be located in the upstairs rooms of the Troy Christian Church parsonage on South Liberty St., just north of the church.

The Kadens Kloset in Troy will be opening in the coming months, according to Dana Clary of Highland, who attends the church and is the project manager for this ministry.

“We have an eight-lady point team that will be running Kadens Kloset,” explains Clary, noting that the group met recently to make plans.

“We’ll be cleaning, organizing, and painting at the parsonage,” she adds. “Then, we’ll be ready to accept donations. We’ll be accepting things such as new or very gently used clothes and shoes, toys, diapers, wipes, furniture for children — really anything that foster or adoptive parents might need.”

The items will be stored, organized, and displayed in three upstairs rooms in the parsonage. When the Kadens Kloset is set up and launched, foster and adoptive parents will be able to shop there for items they need for the children. The Kloset will be open by appointment, and there will be no charge for the items families select.

“We’re hoping to serve families in Doniphan, Atchison and Brown Counties. That’s our goal,” Clary said. “And we’re also hoping to work closely with KVC and other agencies. We’re excited to have this opportunity to bless these families of foster and adopted children and help them with the great needs they have.”

There are other Kadens Klosets in the U.S. The ministry began in Iowa, where the first Kloset launched on March 1, 2016 in a church in the middle of a cornfield. There are now nine fully operational Klosets across the state of Iowa. Six more, including the one in Troy, are slated to launch in the near future. The Troy Kloset is the first one in Kansas.

Clary decided to become involved in this ministry after hearing Kristle Davis of Aplington, Iowa, the founder and executive director of Kadens Kloset, Inc., speak at the Troy Christian Church. Davis is the adopted daughter of Troy Christian Church Pastor Tim Champ and his wife, Rita.

“I was intrigued after hearing Kristle, and I’ve always had a heart for foster and adoptive families,” Clary explains, noting that she has a brother who was adopted.

Davis, who lived in Wathena for a short time years ago, knows firsthand about the needs of foster and adopted children. She spent time in several foster homes during her childhood and was adopted by the Champs when she was 16 years old. In addition, she and her husband, Nick, adopted a son, Kaden, for whom Kadens Kloset is named. The couple also has two biological children.

“Through my life experiences, I knew the needs of foster kids and the families caring for them,” Davis said, age 33. “I feel a personal call to meet those needs. As my husband said to me, ‘If not you, then who?’”

Davis had been thinking for years about what she could do to help families with foster and adopted children. Ultimately, she formulated plans for creating the first Kadens Kloset.

“It has definitely been a learning experience and definitely a collaboration of all the volunteers who have added their ideas and input,” Davis said.

Since that first Kloset opened a little more than a year ago, other people have taken up the call and, with guidance from Davis, have opened additional Kadens Klosets in other locations. Davis supplies volunteers wishing to launch a new Kadens Kloset with a business plan, media materials, and other useful tools. She is happy to see more Klosets opening across the country.

All of the Kadens Klosets are 100 percent volunteer and donation run, according to Davis. And, since Kadens Kloset has 501c3 status, all donations made to a Kadens Kloset are tax deductible. Also, Davis stresses that any monetary donations raised in a community will stay in that community.

“One hundred percent of the donations go to help the children and their families,” Davis states.

Pastor Champ is pleased about the prospect of volunteers from the Troy Christian Church launching a Kadens Kloset in the community.

“It’s exciting for me to have our church be a part of this ministry,” Champ said, who lives in Rushville, Missouri. “It’s a great opportunity for our church to reach out and meet a need.”

For more information about the Kadens Kloset in Troy, please contact Clary at 785-741-4489 or Pastor Champ at 785-985-3846. To contact Davis about Kadens Kloset, Inc., please call 816-812-4372.

Editor’s Note: This article has been reprinted with permission from The Kansas Chief.

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