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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. To celebrate, on May 1 Kanza is kicking off a project that provides free, anonymous, quick access to mental health tools through the Facebook page and website, www.kanzamhgc.org.

As we begin to ease out of the Pandemic, one lingering casualty of this past year is mental health. From anxiety due to dealing with the unknown, to loneliness, to frustrations over regulations, and loss of control on so many fronts, we have all been through a lot of emotional stressors that have left a record number of people struggling to cope. Add to that some of the traditional barriers like expense or lack of comfort in seeking help and it is no wonder so many people struggle to get help for mental illness.

Thanks to generous donations from community members, Kanza is offering these new services known as 7 Cups that address many of the hurdles to care because it is free, anonymous, and can be done from a phone or computer. Anyone wishing to use the services only needs to go to www.kanzamhgc.org. On the front page of Kanza’s website will be a box that you enter through and after providing only an email address you immediately have access to tool sets, including active listeners, community groups, and growth paths.

The first tool available through 7 Cups is active listeners. These are 430,000 trained individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds and languages. 7 Cups operates in 189 countries, speaks 140+ languages, and offers support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So whatever your topic, whatever your ethnicity, whenever you need support, you will be able to find someone who can actively listen in a 1 on 1 to provide emotional support.

Community groups is another tool offered through 7 Cups. This puts a group of anonymous users with shared interests and issues together to provide a supportive and understanding environment.

Finally 7 Cups offers growth paths which include 35 different treatment plans consisting of educational and therapeutic exercises to teach coping skills.

7 Cups has been nationally recognized as a leader in healthcare innovation by Stanford Medicine X, the World Economic Forum, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard, as well as numerous other organizations.

Kanza feels this is a natural extension of our mission to provide this type of service free to all community members. We are so very thankful to donors that helped us meet this goal.

If you have questions about the 7 Cups services offered by Kanza, please don’t hesitate to call 785-742-7113.

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