HORTON — The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas announced this week the opening of a new Kickapoo Tribal Museum on the Kickapoo Reservation in Brown County.

The Kickapoo Tribal Museum is the result of several years of efforts by Tribal Council, community leaders and cultural experts to research, collect and celebrate Kickapoo tribal history. The Museum will feature exhibits on Kickapoo traditions, such as beadwork and clothing design, reservation history including community development efforts through the years, historical documents related to tribal sovereignty, an exhibit honoring Kickapoo veterans and maps based on ancestral movements since the early 1600s when the Kickapoo lived in the Great Lakes region.

“Reclaiming and representing our history as Kickapoo Nation is critical to honoring our ancestors and all that they fought for to remain resilient and survive. The Kickapoo Tribal Museum is one important piece of the broader work our Tribe is doing to learn from the past and celebrate who we are as a people and these efforts in turn help us build a strong and thriving future together,” said Lester Randall, chairman of the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas. “Most importantly, the museum will be the only place in the region where our story is told by our people, for our people.”

Johanna Thomas, Young Child Wellness Coordinator with the Kickapoo Project LAUNCH early childhood program, agreed that the Kickapoo Tribal Museum will provide cultural education for the Tribe’s youngest members as well.

“Our children need to see the community celebrating who we are as a people, so that they grow up proud to be Kickapoo and ready to be our next generation of leaders,” she said.

The Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas will celebrate the grand opening of the Kickapoo Tribal Museum at noon on Saturday, Aug. 24 on the lower level of the Kickapoo Government Center at 824 111th Dr., Horton. The grand opening is open to the public and is part of a full weekend schedule of events in support of the annual Kickapoo Pow Wow.

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