Andrew Kreek

Andrew Kreek

Andrew Kreek of Hiawatha was sentenced in Brown County juvenile court Tuesday to a strict probation plan on charges of involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence in connection with a Nov. 2019 fatality accident.

Kreek was the 17-year-old driver of a vehicle involved in the Nov. 17 accident at Horned Owl and US 36 Highway that killed Ian Miller, 16, of Hiawatha, and injured himself and three other local teens. Kreek, Gabriel Corbett and Naveigh Dismang were hospitalized with critical injuries and remained in rehabilitative care for several weeks. One passenger, Andrew Woods, 19, was treated and released at a local hospital.

Kreek entered guilty pleas in September to the involuntary manslaughter charge, along with aggravated battery and speeding in connection with the accident. He was charged with three separate counts of aggravated battery for causing “bodily harm or disfigurement to another person” in addition to speeding in connection with the accident.

Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill said that two victims that appeared during the hearing asked the court to give Kreek a chance at furthering his education and not to send him to a juvenile correctional facility. Hill said he asked for the court to give Kreek some jail time in addition to having strict compliance with an alcohol/drug evaluation once he was out.

Hill said the court ended up sentencing Kreek to 36 months in a juvenile correctional facility, but suspended it to a strict probation plan. The plan includes a requirement that he obtain drug/alcohol treatment, abstain from possessing or using alcohol or non-prescribed drugs and a requirement that he give a 20 minute speech to every high school in the four-county judicial district, subject to their approval, about the dangers of drinking and driving. The speech will have to be approved by the court and county attorney’s office prior to him delivering it. Kreek was also ordered to pay restitution.

Also in connection with the November 2019 accident, charges were filed against Kyle White, 26, of rural Hiawatha on charges of unlawfully hosting minors and eight counts of furnishing alcoholic liquor to a minor. White pleaded not guilty and a trial was originally scheduled for this month but has been continued to March.

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