Keith Olsen brings up the rear, following around three dozen tractors of various size and age, during his annual Tractor Cruise on Labor Day. Olsen, who organizes the event with his family to benefit the Angelman Syndrome Foundation, said he is regretful to cancel this year due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 has seen yet another event casualty in Northeast Kansas.

Keith Olsen of Everest has planned this annual Labor Day event for several years — as a benefit for the Angelman Syndrome Founation. His daughter, Ingrid, has Angelman Syndrome and the Olsen family has worked extensively planning tractor cruises, athletics camps and more to raise money for the Foundation to bring awareness and find a cure.

Typically a few dozen tractors take part in Olsen’s Annual Tractor Cruise, which takes participants from Everest along the back roads to Hiawatha and around the area. Participants also receive a lunch for their entry fee. While there are usually some new tractors in the event, there are also lots of “oldies but goodies” that are taken out of the barn just to cruise around Northeast Kansas.

This year, the annual cruise is being canceled due to concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus. Olsen urges anyone who still wants to make a donation toward the Angelman Syndrome Foundation to mail a check in care of the foundation to Keith Olsen, 1438 140TH St., Horton, KS 66439.

“We look forward to seeing you in 2021-Keith, Denise, Grete and Ingrid Olsen.”

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