(News-Press NOW is the parent company of the Hiawatha World. No changes are planned for the Hiawatha World service, however there are many News-Press subscribers in our area that will be affected by the following information.)

News-Press NOW announced to its employees Friday morning that the newspaper would decrease the days it prints and distributes a physical copy of the newspaper to subscribers.

Newspaper executives said Friday that it will continue to publish a newspaper seven days per week online and in its eEdition and print four days a week.

The announcement follows a trend of newspapers across the country that are eliminating costly printing and distributing by moving to a digital platform. Earlier this year, four newspapers in Maine ceased producing a newspaper and instead are offering a digital version.

Stacey Hill, Chief Operating Officer NPG Newspapers, wants to assure the community that the News-Press’ mission to publish news and information every day is not changing.

“We’re not abandoning print, we’re evolving the business model,” Hill said.

The Kansas City Star announced in December that it would cease printing on Saturdays. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, based in Little Rock, offers a physical copy of the newspaper on Sunday only.

The eEdition is available for all subscribers and has the entire newspaper in digital form with photo galleries and video attached that allows readers to take news on the go.

“It’s a reader experience that print can’t offer,” Hill said. “Everything’s in color and you’re able to share articles with the touch of a finger in the eEdition.”

Hill said the News-Press is committed to investing in its employees and providing the best news opportunities and experience to its readers.

“We’re making these changes so we can add staff to support journalism,” Hill said.

More information regarding printing days and resources the News-Press is providing to readers will come mid-March.

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