Pony Express Re-Ride rider and horse. Note the mochilas, or saddle bags which carry actual mail from St. Joseph to Sacramento, just like the original Pony Express.

The annual re-creation of the Pony Express began on Monday, June 10 in St. Joseph, Mo. and will continue until June 20 when the last rider and horse arrives in Sacramento, Calif.

Just like the original Pony Express, the re-ride consists of an entourage of many riders and horses that support the horse carrying the mail by frequently changing riders and horses. However, in the modern version, the riders and horses follow the horse instead of being positioned at various stations along the route.

As in years past, as the Re-Ride passed through northeast Kansas following the original route as closely as possible, communications support to provide up-to-the minute status information posted on the Re-Ride web site was provided by several local ham radio clubs including the Missouri Valley Amateur Radio Club, the Hiawatha Amateur Radio Club, and the Marysville Amateur Radio Club.

N0YXG and N0ZKH, Mr. and Mrs. John Bowser of the MVARC escorted the rider and horse from the Missouri line and handed off to the HARC representative, KC0CCR, Randall Noon, at the Doniphan Elementary School. From there KC0CCR provided escort to the Purcell Church near Everest, where KF0IN, John McClain, took over until the entourage reached the Sac and Fox Casino. At that point, KF0IN turned over escort duties to KD0AKT, Warren Stirn,

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