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The Brown County Commission met Monday morning and canvassed the General Election voting records — including counting provisional ballots.

A provisional ballot is where there is a wrong address, a voter isn’t registered, does not have a drivers license — among other reasons. Of the 113 provisional ballots received from the Nov. 3 General Election, the commission approved counting 75 of those with 38 dismissed, all according to Kansas State Statutes.

Deputy Election Officer Dawn Boyles reported a 71.57% voter turnout for Brown County, including the provisional ballots.

While provisional ballots added a few extra votes for some candidates, they did not make any difference in the final results. The following are results for contested races from Brown County’s polls.

President: This year’s presidential election has garnered much attention as President Donald Trump (R) was challenged by Joe Biden (D). Libertarian Joe Jorgensen was also vying for the position. In Brown County, Trump defeated Biden nearly three to one in the popular vote 3,262 to 1,104 counting provisional ballots. As of Monday, the Associated Press had declared Biden the winner, although President Trump had yet to concede and his campaign had sued some states where the count was close. Many states — just like Kansas — are finalizing provisional votes.

As of Monday afternoon, Biden had received 290 of the Electoral Votes and Trump 214. In the popular vote, Biden also led 76,644,439 to Trump’s 71,056,016.

U.S. House 2nd District: Winner Republican Jake LaTurner received 56 provisional ballots for a total of 3,074 Brown County votes and Democrat Michelle De LaIsla received 13 additional provisional votes for a total of 1,162 Brown County votes and 130,756 overall.

Senate 1st District: Winner incumbent Dennis Pyle (R) received 62 provisional ballots for a total of 2,919 Brown County votes and 24,776 overall ; Kirk Miller (D) received 12 provisional ballots, for a total of 1,435 Brown County votes and 9,774 overall.

U.S. Senate: Winner Republican Roger Marshall received 50 provisional ballots for a total of 2,975 in Brown County and 711,069 overall; Democrat Barbara Bollier received 12 provisional votes for a total of 1,193 Brown County votes and 552,952 overall.

City Commission Final Results

Commissioner of Police (four-year term): Winner — Evans Woehlecke; Incumbent Dustin Williams (R) 647 votes including 10 provisional; L. Evans Woehlecke (R) 727 including 8 provisional votes.

Commissioner of Streets and Parks (four-year term): Winner — Becky Shamburg; Incumbent Becky Shamburg (D) 620 votes including 7 provisional ; Paul Mendez (D)182 votes including 3 provisional ; Nicholas Blevins (R) 578 votes, including 8 provisional..

Commissioner of Utilities (four-year term): Winner — Brian Shefferd; Incumbent Toni J. Hull (D) 529 votes including 3 provisional ; Brian Shefferd (R) 811 votes, including 14 provisional.

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