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June 10, 2019

Present: Connie Werner, President, Rita Boller, Secretary, Debby Lowe, Treasurer, Tara Speer, Board Member, Hunter Speer, Board Member, Tim Lentz, Board Member

Absent: Travis Torkelson, Vice President

Connie called the meeting to order at 6:14 p.m.

Rita opened with a prayer.

Debby presented the Treasurer’s Report. The beginning balance was $29,428.56. Expenses were $380.22. Income was $13.76. The ending balance is $29,062.10. Tara made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report with a second from Rita, motion passed.

Connie gave the monthly report from Aged Goodness. Sales for May were $2,639.11 and consignment income was $293.52. Expenses were $2,324.69. Outstanding checks are $2,178.27. The ending balance is $3,817.46.

Rita gave a report on the rental account. The beginning balance was $2,867.52. Expenses were $586.85. Income was $500.00. Outstanding checks are $573.64. The ending balance is $2,207.03.

Rita made a motion to accept the two business account reports with a second from Tara, motion passed.

Connie noted that there was a total of $445 in donations made through the Alumni Assocation, as an invitation to give to Reinvent goes out in their annual letter. Thank you cards will be sent to those who donated.

Tara asked Connie what types of items are selling at the antique store and Connie said that it varies, depending on the customer. They’ve sold a lot of antiques, old books, furniture, many repurposed items, decorative items, and household items. There is a great variety of items to choose from. Sometimes it’s anything that is just old and rusty. Connie said if they don’t have something someone wants, they will try to get it through one of the vendors.

Janice Crider could not attend the meeting as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee so Christie Woods gave the report in her absence. Positions 4 and 5 are up for election at this time. Both are 4 year terms held by Tara Speer and Travis Torkelson. Both have agreed to serve for another term, which will be up in June of 2023. We thank them for serving and for their dedication to Reinvent Horton.

Per the report, Tim Lentz, Board Member, has resigned his position and will now fill the position of Building Superintendent. This will include administering, managing, and overseeing the 5 buildings that Marcus Lemonis gave to Reinvent Horton. We thank Tim for serving on the board and for his dedication to Reinvent Horton.

As Tim’s resignation left an open spot on the board, Don Groshong agreed that he would be willing to serve Tim’s remaining term. The position would be up in 2020, so Don will serve a 1 year term at this time.

The above report was respectfully submitted by Janice Crider, Nominating Committee Chairman.

Rita made a motion to accept the report with a second from Hunter, motion passed. Connie thanked Christie for presenting the report and for Christie’s volunteer work for Reinvent Horton for helping with numerous projects.

Connie thanked Tim for his time spent on the board and welcomed Don Groshong as the newest board member.

Tim gave a report on the buildings. He said that Connie Yaussi had requested to have hot water in the Home Décor Reinvented building. There was a problem with the hot water heater not being wired into the fuse box but that has been fixed by Waser’s.

In Fiabesco, there was about 2 ½ inches of water in the basement and a toilet was running. Waser’s looked into it and cleaned out the clean out drain as it was plugged. The city is looking at it as well to make sure the main line is not plugged.

Mowing also needed to be done at Fiabesco and behind the apartments. Tim had Mercer Boys Lawncare take care of it. The cost was $25 for both.

Tim said that the current renters for the apartment had been looking for a home to purchase but liked the apartment so much that they have decided to stay. If they need some outdoor space, they are able to use the back down in the downstairs area. There is also available space for them to store some of their belongings.

Tim ordered “For Rent” signs today to put in the available buildings. They are 4x4 foot from Market Concepts in Holton.

Tara said that we will need to paint Central Children for the next renters. Tim said we have some neutral paint to use and the floors are nicely waxed. Tara said it will probably need primer so we could go ahead and get that step taken care of.

Tim gave an HIDC update. They are actively looking for an attorney and optometrist to put in the old Delaware Valley building. The new locker plant broke ground today. The baseball field project has the first 2 sets of drawings completed. There will be options for the community to decide upon. A cost estimate should be in by Thursday. Tim would like for the community to write letters of support and attend the City Commission meeting when the proposal is made.

Connie said the Home Décor store would like to apply with HIDC for their sign program for the cost of the signage. Tim said that could include paint and façade. Connie thought maybe Christie could help with the work as her business class helped design the “Aged Goodness Antiques” store sign.

Rita gave a report on concessions that Reinvent provided at the Volz estate sale. Expenses were $145.20. After expenses, a total of $452.80 was made. Connie said that Otho Stevens has asked if Reinvent would also do concessions if he has a sale in August. It would be at his shop.

Connie and Connie Yaussi met with Maxine Simmer and a group of business people of Hiawatha to discuss a bus tour of the area for shopping and eating in both towns. Connie said there was a lot of interest in working together and they are working on more details. More details will be forthcoming as plans are being laid.

Connie also noted that there is a big following for next year’s Big Road Trip in Brown, Nemaha, and Doniphan counties. There are already people booking rooms for next May 7th through May 10th. More details will be coming soon. Brown County has been divided between Hiawatha resident Linda Duesing and Horton resident Connie Werner as co-chairs for the event.

As there will not be a carnival this year at the fair, Connie asked if everyone was ok with ordering half of the food we normally do for the food booth. This would allow us time if needed to fix more mid-week if we are selling a lot, but not have any wasted by fixing too much. She will start scheduling volunteers this week to work. Everyone was in agreement.

Connie said that she had spoken with Dave Wellman who will be retiring soon from the National Guard. He is willing to help with the memorial park. Doug Schmitt and Gary Behrnes are also interested in the project. Donnie suggested bringing it up with the American Legion.

Tara asked if we could go ahead and put up the structure at the park along the wall to have the mural painted. Rita suggested we also get the stage put up. After discussion, Tara made a motion to have the mural structure put in place and the stage constructed. Debby seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Hunter made a motion to adjourn the meeting with a second from Tim. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

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