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The Hiawatha School Board met for their regular session Monday night and among discussions was a concern by a patron about teachers’ kids being bused across town to the middle and high schools.

Superintendent Lonnie Moser said he was contacted by a patron who lives near the elementary school about this issue. He said she was concerned that the district allowed only the teachers’ kids to make use of this bus transportation, but that it wasn’t offered to other students.

Dr. Pete Rosa’ said the offer to transport the children of teachers was made several years ago because teachers are asked to be in their buildings at a much earlier time than when school starts. This creates an issue for the teachers who have students in the middle and high schools and so the district allowed them to bring their children to the elementary school and then hop on the first bus that arrives for drop off. This equates to a handful of students currently.

After school, however, any student can ride a “shuttle bus” that takes students from the elementary to the other school locations — or to Little Hands Childcare Center. That bus offers rides to students at HMS and HHS back to the elementary school area as well — for a more convenient drop-off location if their home is on that side of town.

There was discussion about the ramifications of allowing additional drop-offs in the morning. Elementary School Principal Paul Carver said he would be concerned about supervision of the students and where to keep them to wait. Currently, he said the lunch area (gym) is full of breakfast students at that time.

They pointed out that this could involve 1-2 students, or dozens if many decided to start taking advantage of that offer. Carver said it would definitely have to be something that was discussed in depth with a definite solution before implementing — if the board decided to do that. It was also pointed out that a specific bus should be designated for this as well.

It was the general consensus of the board to have the school administrators meet with Transportation Director Mary Clary to determine the feasibility of offering bus transport for students other than those of teacher’s kids from the elementary to the HMS and HHS.

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