The USD 415 School Board met on Monday evening, with Jerad Enneking and Angie Kreider of Rainbow Communications present to discuss the company’s bid to replace the district’s wiring and phones.

The project would include three phases, beginning in year one with the Board Office and elementary school, as they are already wired for the new internet phones and would require minimal work. Years two and three would involve completely rewiring the high school and middle school.

Regardless of the board’s decision, the school’s will need to be rewired for phone upgrades, as the current systems are out of stock and out of warranty. The new internet phone system will effectively double the district’s monthly phone bill once all systems are up to date. The Board decided to seek bids for the upgrades as a matter of financial responsibility, but said they have been pleased with Rainbow’s service, and will more than likely move forward with the local bid unless significant savings are available.

District Maintenance Coordinator Matt Cluck addressed the Board on district projects, noting that the bus lane at the elementary school should be completed on time. Cluck also noted that wiring on the auditorium lighting will begin soon, then will be followed directly by the hanging of lights and focusing, and should be done well before the start of the school year. Cluck also addressed the concrete work at the football field, saying that the work has been completed, and that the school’s parking lots also have been sealed.

In other business, the Board approved the new Health handbook, with the addition of a table of contents and a section on influenza, along with policy updates from KASB. The Board also approved the Consent Agenda, which included approving the procurement plan for the Child Nutrition Programs, set July 24th as a Special Meeting to approve the 2019-20 budget for publication, as well as accepting the resignations of Chris Vitt and Karl Kleiwer following the 2019-20 school year, and the hiring of Brandon Lowe as assistant HMS football coach. After an Executive Session, the Board also voted to hire Sharon Goering as FACS teacher at HHS.

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