The Brown County Sheriff advised of a familiar scam that is circulating the area, with some modifications.

Sheriff John Merchant said residents have been contacted by phone and the caller is identifying themselves as an official from the Social Security Administration and the DEA. He said the caller also has a thick foreign accent. The caller is telling the resident that their social security number is being used to open multiple bank accounts in Texas and they are being charged with money laundering.

When the residents begin to question the validity of the accusation, the caller states he will put Sheriff Merchant on the phone to speak with them. Another person with a thick foreign accent comes on the phone stating that he is Sheriff Merchant and the caller needs to pay restitution or they will be immediately arrested at their home.

“Several county residents have believed the callers and went to their local banks to withdraw large sums of money,” Sheriff Merchant said. “One person was told that when they had the money, they were to call for instructions on where the money was to be sent.”

Sheriff Merchant said thankfully, our county bank tellers were very aware this was a scam and saved them from losing their hard earned money. He advised to remember to NEVER give out personal information over the phone and if you are coerced in to sending large amounts of money to someone you are not 100 percent sure of, PLEASE contact your local law enforcement or your local bank at once.

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