By Adam Clay

Sarah Madsen hands out a “Buck for Buckles” to these students for wearing seatbelts.

After missing last year due to the Caronavirus pandemic, Ryan Meininger State Farm jumped back into their annual “Bucks for Buckles” day at the Hiawatha High School and Middle School last Friday.

From seven in the morning until after eight, Meininger, local law enforcement and emergency service providers, along with HHS Safe Kids patrolled the entrances to parking lots, looking for buckled up drivers and passengers.

The “Bucks for Buckles” program, which is sponsored by State Farm, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Transportation, is held in upward of fifty cities across the state, with volunteers handing out a dollar to each car in which all passengers were properly seat-belted in, and educational material to those who were not.

The crew, which consisted of Meininger, joined by members of the school’s Safe Kids program, along with Hiawatha Police Department SRS Officer Brandon Lowe, and Duke Koerperich and Betty Jones of Town & Country EMS. The group reported handing out nearly all of the money they had, with very few pamphlets being handed out.

“Bucks for Buckles” is held in late August and early September across the state to put seatbelt safety fresh in the minds of as many parents and children as possible, as Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest traffic weekends of the entire year.

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