Brown County final election results were posted about 9:20 p.m. on Tuesday night with a few surprises.

With 18 out of 18 precincts reporting, the voter turnout was 42.89 percent as a total of 2,603 voters cast their ballots including 920 early ballots out of a total of 6,069 registered voters.

In highly contested races, Sheriff John Merchant secured his position against challenger Dennis Entrikin — bringing in 1,467 of the votes with Entrikin getting 756 votes.

For Brown County Treasurer, Betty “BJ” Spiker won the primary 1,331 to 793 votes for challenger Ann Olson.

In a surprise, challenger William Pollock narrowly beat incumbent Dwight Kruse 317-292 for Commissioner District 3 seat.

There are not Democratic challengers for these positions.

Also running unopposed is Lamar Shoemaker for the position of Commissioner District 2 — the seat currently held by Keith Olsen, who did not file for re-election.

In uncontested races, Dawn M. Boyles brought in 1,851 votes for County Clerk, Nellie Brockhoff 1,928 for Register of Deeds, District 22 Judge John Weingart 1,955 and Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill 1,730.

As a reminder, votes are NOT official until they are canvassed by the Brown County Commission at their next formal meeting.

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