A rural Hiawatha man has been sentenced on charges of supplying alcohol to several local teenagers just prior to them being involved in a fatal accident in November of 2019.

Kyle White — who was formally charged in December 2019 — entered a no contest plea to one count of unlawfully hosting minors, along with three counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor in Brown County District Court last month, which led to the cancellation of a jury trial that had been set. In exchange for his plea, four additional counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor were dismissed.

On Wednesday of this week, White was sentenced in Brown County District Court to an 18 month total sentence, according to Brown County Attorney Kevin Hill. He said the defendant’s request to serve any jail time on weekends was denied.

White was ordered to serve 60 consecutive days in the county jail prior to being placed on probation. Hill said the court authorized work release if approved by the Sheriff — subject to him being on electronic monitoring with an alcohol sensor.

White was arrested as part of the Brown County Sheriff Department’s investigation following the fatality accident, which occurred right around 12 o’clock the morning of Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019 at Horned Owl and US 36 Highways.

Five teenagers were in the vehicle, driven by Andrew Kreek, 17 at the time, when the accident occurred. Ian Miller, 16, of Hiawatha died as a result of his injuries and the other four teenagers sustained injury that ranged from serious to critical.

Following his rehabilitation from critical injuries, Kreek was convicted of driving under the influence among other counts and was sentenced to probation in November 2020.

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