Parking lot

By Joey May

Work at the Hiawatha Elementary School parking lot continues to progress as concrete islands and curbing have been poured over the past week. Here, Bob Cavin with Midwest Ready-Mix guides a concrete pour for curbing in the parking lot.

Work is progressing nicely on the renovation of the Hiawatha Elementary School parking lot.

The school parking lot has been an up-and-coming one for several years as the once small parking lot has expanded over the years due to nearby houses being torn down and the district acquiring additional land. The parking lot has been gravel since that time and last year a separate bus lane was made along Miami Street to help with traffic flow.

This year, the finances were available through Capital Outlay funds to add paved parking islands to help with parking and traffic flow. In addition, electric work has been completed with new lights being installed in the parking lot.

The primary contractor for the project is JB Contractors, who won the bid with a price tag of $65,561 back in March.

Superintendent Lonnie Moser said this past week, JB has been working with Midwest Ready-Mix to install concrete islands to help with parking and traffic flow and he said once that was completed the parking lot would be chip and sealed with the help of the county and estimated it would be completed — weather permitting — by the first week of August. The final product will essentially be a paved lot, which will help with not only the traffic, but muddy days and snow removal.

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