Fathers come in various sizes: tall, husky, short, thin, large boned. They come with blond hair, black hair, brown hair, curly, and straight. They are the quiet type, others never sit still!

A Father is one who enjoys cuddling their new born who looks at the newborn in awe and through eyes that are in awe of the new life.

Fathers are great ball players, even if only in their child’s eyes. They’re the Champions of champions as a bull rider even if he has been bucked off one too many times!

Fathers are great chefs! They can make the best peanut butter sandwiches…EVER! Rates right up there with a Chateau Briand.

Fathers know the latest ball scores from years back and ALL the latest trades!

Fathers are the best story tellers at bedtimes and the greatest tummy ticklers!

Fathers can rock and sing colicky babies asleep in no time while singing lullabies, whether in basso, tenor or off key, just as long as it’s Father’s voice.

Fathers come home from work tired, but his energy is pumped when he sees the children with their nose at the window waiting for his return from work! The stamped is a race which climax with Father almost being tackled by the reason he works so hard.

Fathers are to be ready to play ball soon after arriving from work or a friendly wrestle with his children.

No matter what you call the man of the house, Fathers are indispensable!

Father are the best lull-bye singers, wrestler, tummy tickler, hugger (even though those whiskers tickle) there ever was or will be!

Fathers are the singers regardless of his expertise, of carrying a tune. Not only can they sing a child asleep, even when the child proclaims profusely “I’M NOT TIRED!!”

Fathers are great at hunting, fishing, sports and also a wonderful teacher of these activities.

Fathers are wonderful for “sneaking” the children from their beds early in the morning and while still in their pajamas, take them to a restaurant for gooey pancakes!

Fathers are great for instructing his children to love the Lord their God, with all their heart, mind, soul and strength.

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