I am one of the least technology-savvy people you may meet. That’s why I have great friends like Philip Lane (former World editor) to help me with questions.

Even though he lives in Tulsa now, he is just a text message or a Facebook poke away for my concerns. When he was here for a visit over the holidays, our home wifi got a handy-dandy new password thanks to my friend.

There is a little app I had installed several months ago on my IPhone that makes my life a lot easier. It’s called Fitnesspal.com and I’ve been a member of this free service for several years. It’s exactly what it says...it’s your fitness pal. You log in food, exercise, keep a weight loss diary, etc.

However, I was just never very consistent at logging in. I would maybe log in breakfast and lunch on my work computer while I sat at my desk eating my lunch. Before I left I would maybe log in a snack, but not always. Then most of the time I wouldn’t mess with logging in supper just because the last thing I wanted to get on was another computer when I got home.

Several months ago, we had a phone switch-up. Dad, Josh and Josey all got new phones and Mom got Josh’s old IPhone. I was happy with the switch, but it took me a while to get used to a Smartphone. As I mentioned before, I’m not that tech savvy and the thought of a Smartphone was a little daunting to me. But I was kind of excited about the possibilities and told my husband I wanted a few things added — Facebook, Pintrest and the Fitnesspal app. In addition to sending text messages, those are the apps that catch my interest. Pintrest is great to pull up when I’m at the store and trying to think of something new and interesting to fix for supper.

I wanted the Fitnesspal app to be able to log in whenever I want, where ever I may be. So now, if I am eating out somewhere, I try to quickly log on during the meal and plug in the foods I am eating. At times, Fitnesspal isn’t very happy with me — I get a warning that my goal is to stay below 30 grams of sugar. Or a warning that I exceeded my calorie or fat goals.

But those little warnings are nice and more times than naught I’ve stopped myself from over eating just because those little warnings are popping up when I log in. I can’t say there hasn’t been a day or two where I’ve thought “I’ll make it up tomorrow” and gone over my carb and sugar goal, but most days I’ve stayed consistent.

There are four main things I focus on with Fitnesspal — calories, carbs, sugars and fat. What has made the most difference for me is to keep my carbs and sugars at a certain level. It seems if I do that then the rest kind of falls into place. I’m not into big greasy, heavy meals anyway, so I don’t often exceed my calorie goal with a lot of fatty foods. But as the lure of muffins, cookies and sweets often lead me astray, it’s important for me to focus on my intake of carbs and the sugars.

I have also been trying not to drink away my calories, carbs and sugars. One soda that happens to not be diet can blow the lid off my sugar goal in one sitting. It’s very hard to keep that in line, because this is the time of year I crave hot chocolates, coffees or vanilla steamers from the Daily Perk.

A recent First Friday lunch series at PRTS opened my eyes to some realistic goals with carbs and sugars. I once took part in the Atkins Diet. Sure, I lost 16 pounds in two weeks by not eating more than 20 carbs a day, but it was the hardest thing in the world to do. There are literally carbs (sugar) in everything! It was tedious, stressful and probably not the most healthy diet plan I’ve ever been on.

Dr. Alicia Johnson at PRTS talked about a healthy goal for carbs, which she said was around 120 a day. That’s an average of 25-30 a meal over four to five meals a day. Even though my Fitnesspal set a goal for about 200 carbs a day for me, I set a goal of 120 in my mind (based on what Dr. Johnson talked about) and most days since August I’ve met that. I also have a sugar goal of 30 and let me tell you that is super hard to meet as well. One stressful day in the office that includes a handful of miniature candy bars that are sitting around from Halloween and that sugar goal is blown.

It really helps to keep track. I get a reminder everyday on Fitnesspal of how many days I’ve logged in and this morning it said “Congratulations on 115 days in a row!” If I am slacking off logging in, I get a reminder that pops up on my phone late in the day. I try to log in everything — even the splurges that Fitnesspal may not be very happy about. And truthfully, you can find just about any variety of food listed in the Fitnesspal search system.

My goal was to lose 20 pounds in 2014 and I would have made it if I had worked out more, but still hit 15 pounds for the year, which made me happy. Hopefully, keeping up with my food and exercise diaries with the help of Fitnesspal.com I can have a successful year in 2015.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and may you find the app that most interests and benefits you. Even if you may have to ask your kids how to install it or use it!

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