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To the Editor,

While reading the Highland news in the March 12 Hiawatha World, I was astonished to read that the lady thought Jesus was a liberal and a socialist as you study His ministry here on earth in the 4 gospels.

The only way I believe Jesus could teach this is that He knew He would not have to buy gas for His donkey or ever worry about someday waiting in line for medical care. I cannot see in my Bible what she says makes Jesus political. The socialism and liberalism that’s running rampant in our country now is not totally what the Bible teaches. My Bible does not say anywhere that you should believe in abortion, sex changes, men marrying men and women marrying women, that the government should take care of a person from the cradle to the grave, tell you what you can and cannot believe or cancelling people you don’t agree with.

You may say, “Oh, but aren’t you trying to cancel the lady,” but I’m not. She has a right to believe and say what she wrote as I have. We have the freedom of speech and the right to debate what we believe, at least for now. If liberalism and socialism gain more power in this country as they become communism, then as a conservative I will definitely be canceled or at least they’ll try. I cannot sit quietly by when someone labels my Lord and Savior as a liberal and a socialist.

Larry Stover


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