Randy Garber

Rep. Randy Garber

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” Soren Kierkegaard

Last week’s Sabetha Herald had an editorial from a prominent local citizen. This person was lambasting the paper for printing a previous editorial that disagreed with his opinion concerning the wearing of masks and how many people have died from the coronavirus. It appears he is not in favor of our first amendment rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and is asking the Herald staff to print only what he agrees with. I applaud the Herald Staff for the response.

While it is traumatic to lose a loved one for any reason, it is despicable for anyone to use a “crisis” to frighten the citizenry of our state, country and world so that they will comply with their agenda. How many people have died from only COVID? That is a question that no one knows. However the Center for Disease Control(CDC) estimates around 6 percent which translates to about 18,000 of the 300,000 who have died, actually had COVID and no other underlying medical conditions. The other 94 percent had at least two other medical conditions that were life threatening.

The following talks about the KU study on mask mandates in Kansas. I asked for this from a friend and have made no significant changes. The facts clearly show the narrative that goes with the study from the media and our Governor is wrong.

The study on mask mandates done by researchers at the University of Kansas didn’t examine whether counties with mask mandates added more cases than the other counties; instead, they looked at the change in the rate of change from one week to the next.

According to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, the 21 counties in the KU study with mask mandates went from 6,514 cases on June 29 to 44,448 on October 19; that’s a 582% increase. The other 84 counties with no mask mandates went from 7,929 cases to 28,520; that’s an increase of 260%.

Here’s what they did to make it appear that cases grew slower in counties with mandates. On July 3, the beginning point of the KU study, the counties with mandates had 411 cases per 100,00 of population. A week later, they had 526 cases per 100k, adding 115 cases for the week. That’s a 28% increase over the previous week. The next week, they added 142 more cases per 100k, which was 27% increase over the previous week. To the KU researchers, that’s a decline in the rate of increase…even though the number of cases went up.

By contrast, the counties without a mandate went from 825 cases per 100k to 872 cases in the first week; the extra 47 cases was a 6% increase. The next week they added 60 cases, which was a 7% increase. The KU researchers call this an increase in the rate of increase (going from 6% to 7%). They followed the same process over six weeks, and since the change in the rate of change was lower for the counties with mandates, they said mandates worked…even though the counties with mandates added more cases per 100k population every single week.

It may not be a coincidence that the KU researchers, one of whom is a friend of Gov. Kelly’s – released their report one day after the governor called a new statewide mask mandate.

Governor Kelly and the KU researchers shouldn’t mislead Kansans by playing math games to justify her mandates; they should be honest and transparent.

Mandate No Mandate Mandate No Mandate Mandate No Mandate

7/3/2020 411 825

7/10/2020 526 872 115 47 28% 6%

7/17/2020 667 932 142 60 27% 7%

7/24/2020 797 996 129 64 19% 7%

7/31/2020 904 1,058 108 62 13% 6%

8/7/2020 1,014 1,129 110 71 12% 7%

8/14/2020 1,144 1,202 130 73 13% 7%

8/21/2020 1,262 1,271 118 69 10% 6%

I hope this helps those who want to question what they are being told and not just follow blindly.

I can be reached at (785) 285-1238 or randygarber@ymail.com. Until next time, may the blessings of God be yours.

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