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To the Editor,

The CIA Director from 1981 to 1987, William Casey’s comment when asked about the goals of the CIA, during a meeting of the newly elected President Reagan was; “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Major changes are being implemented at an accelerated rate by a powerful few in our world. They use the Problem, Reaction, Solution Agenda and create a problem, wait for the reaction, then give the solution that they planned in the first place. Do your own research, and form your own opinions. Don’t blindly accept what I say or what any other human being says.

The World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab, The Great Reset, the Georgia Guide Stones, Agenda 2030 (which has been fast tracked into 2021), Agenda 2050, 30X30, The Green New Deal, Weather Manipulation (cloud seeding, HAARP), Artificial Intelligence as a weapon, Directed Energy weapons, Health Care changes (“pandemics,” “vaccines,” masks, changing “rules,” no informed consent or freedom of choice, injuries and death), Censorship of those who ask questions or have a different opinion, etc. etc. are all in our world today. Check them out.

There is Predictive Programming that has been working on us for decades. The “movies” on “tell-a-vision” and the “Programs” and even the “News Casters” have been “directing” our minds to bring us to the place that the New World Order will be able to bring “Order out of Chaos.”

According to Hebrews 12:27 “Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.” And in Luke 12:2 “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid that shall not be known.”

But if we KNOW Jesus, there is no reason to fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

If you would like to know, learn, or help with what is going on in Brown County, and other parts of Kansas, you are invited to join us. There is power in numbers! Come put your sound mind and energy to use while at the same time meeting like-minded citizens from across the county! Our next meeting is Saturday, June 12 at 5:30 pm followed by a potluck supper for family and friends at 7 pm. ALL are WELCOME! Please contact for more information or to RSVP for the 12th. You can also find us on Facebook and MeWe!

Submitted by Brown County Liberty Alliance: Jerry Aller, Clif & Linda Barnhill, Sunshine Bone, David & Briana Childress, Tyler & Cara Christian, Caleb & Amber Clement, Jeff & Abigail Compton, Betty Dvorak, Cindy Gaskell, Randy & Kay Garber, Scott & Jessica Gigstad, Lucas & Kendra Heinen, Jason & Laura Hooper, Brady Hoskins, Brian & Annette Hoskins, John & Holly Isaacs, Chris Kroll, Betty Letterman, Rex & Nicki Lockwood, Roger & Marcia Madere, Andrew & Melissa Mitchell, Pete & Dee Oaks, Pastor Tom Stone, Brent & Kayla Thorson, Matt Tietjens, Dirk & Becky Waser, Craig & Trudy Wischropp

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