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We talked last week about the void that sports has left behind, and as stay-at-home orders in the state have started to settle in and we are seeing the bigger picture of what our daily lives are going to look like for the next month or two, I think it’s time to start figuring out some coping strategies. That said—here are my top five ways to ease the no-sport blues that are getting you down.

1. Watch your favorite sports movie

With all of the streaming options available to us these days, many of the classic sports movies from days past are available at our fingertips, and of course plenty of us still have our favorites on VHS or DVD. I watched Any Given Sunday over the weekend, and I’ve got my eye on Major League and Bull Durham for the week ahead. The nostalgia of movies like Hoosiers or Rocky that we have all been watching for years hits home every time. Of course, there are plenty of unheralded sports films out there that may be a new favorite waiting to happen. Just search for Sports Movies on Netflix or Hulu and find a new classic.

2. Check out replays of classic games

ESPN and NFL Network and plenty of other platforms are making available entire libraries of past games. Even radio stations are getting in on the action—before the shutdown but after the sports world went away, I listened to a replay of KU’s 2008 title game win on 810 AM. If you’re in baseball withdrawal, or if you’re missing basketball or hockey with the playoffs looking more and more likely to be cancelled, pull up one of your favorite games and kick back and enjoy. It really never gets old seeing your favorite team win, so there should be plenty of viewing fare for local fans.

3. Pick up a controller and get in the action

Video games may be a dirty word among quite a few generations at this point, and I’m not the biggest proponent of kids playing games all day long, but the occasional game here and there isn’t going to hurt anything. If you’ve got an old Sega or X-Box tucked away in the attack, pull it down and pop in your old favorite sports game. Whether you were a Madden fan, or loved racing games as a youngster, get your inner-teenager on and grab a bag of Cheetos and a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and play a few games. Most leagues, from basketball to racing, are also holding esport tournaments that you can watch online, with your favorite athletes competing in the gaming action.

4. Shoot some hoops

Playing a pickup game may not be advisable during our current stay-at-home order, as contact with others is pretty much forbidden. That said, the order does permit time outside to exercise, and hearing the ball flick through the bottom of the net is one of the highest forms of therapy. Not only will the physical activity ease the lethargy that we’re all starting to feel, but you will have shot after shot to win the high stakes game that will be going on in your head as you play. Play a game of horse against yourself or just shoot around the horn and enjoy the fresh air at a time that we are all probably getting less of it than we should.

5. Hit the lake for some fishing

Argue if you will whether fishing is a sport, but the thrill of a bobber flashing under the surface of the water, or the tug of a line heavy with a keeper bass is equal to that of watching a cleanly turned double play. Keep your social distance, stay safe and healthy, but get out on that water and catch yourself some dinner.

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