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On Nov. 16, 2020, the Brown County Commission opted in to Governor Kelly’s mask ordinance and extended it once. Any mandatory rule that restricts one’s breathing entryways should be treated with skepticism.

One could argue that Brown County’s mandate has helped...cases have been dropping, but can anyone prove it’s due to masking? If masks do work, why was Dr. Norman of KDHE caught manipulating data to make it seem like they did, when there was really no difference? If masks do work, why does LA county in California, which has the tightest restrictions in place in the country, including a mask mandate, seeing a huge surge in cases right now? Here’s a little excerpt from the LA Times dated December 19, 2020.

“Los Angeles County has recorded 100,000 new coronavirus cases in little more than a week as the infections continued to multiply with astonishing speed not seen at any other point of the pandemic.”

Are you one of the 81% of people who wears a mask “always or often” who contracted the virus anyway (according to the CDC)?

Do you know someone who is extremely careful with masking, distancing, cleanliness, etc who contracted the virus anyway?

Do you know people who have gone out and lived their lives as “normal” and contracted the virus anyway?

Despite our best efforts, is COVID staying out of the nursing homes, or is it getting in anyway?

It is our assertion that the commission of Brown County bears no responsibility in keeping its citizens “safe” or healthy. Prior to COVID-19, the health department’s job was to inform the public and make recommendations, then let the public decide the best course of action for themselves. To stop the spread with masking is an exercise in futility. If masking were the answer, California would have the lowest rate of infection in the country.

Thank you to the Brown County Commissioners for upholding liberty and personal responsibility with their decision to rescind the Governor’s mask mandate at their December 28, 2020 meeting! We appreciate their consideration of how damaging mask-wearing and restrictions are psychologically and physically. The anxiety caused by masks, house arrests, school closings, isolation, and restrictions isn’t as measurable as a “case” but it is present. Let us each bear the responsibility for our own health, as we have before the COVID era and will continue to do in the future.

Submitted by Brown County Liberty Alliance: Jim Aller, PJ & Andrea Aller, Jeff & Kelly Bryant, Nathan & Rachel Bunck, David & Briana Childress, Caleb & Amber Clement, Abigail Compton, Randy and Kay Garber, Cindy Gaskell, Scott & Jessica Gigstad, Andrea Groth, Harold & Ruby Heinen, Lucas & Kendra Heinen, Jason & Laura Hooper, Brian & Annette Hoskins, Doug Jensen, Chris Kroll, Rex & Nicki Lockwood, Kimberly Perry, Duane Perry, Kyle & Michele Rodvelt, Richard & Lucinda Schilling, Tyler & Shelly Smith, Gwen Winter, Nathan & Christie Woods, Craig & Trudy Wischropp

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