Pastor Tom Stone

Do Black Lives Matter?

Before some of you think that I’m a bigoted, white racist, I need to let you know that I am a 75- year-old black pastor from Horton, Kansas. The church I pastor is 70 percent white, 19 percent Native American and 11 percent black and “other.”

If I were to ask 100 different groups of people if black lives matter, I’m convinced that the vast majority of those groups and the individuals in those groups would say, “Absolutely! Black lives do matter.” But I’m just as convinced that there’s one group of people who don’t believe at all that black lives matter. That group is the national and inter-national leaders of the Black Lives Matter groups.

These leaders tend to be left-leaning liberals who are very selective in determining the very few black lives that matter. They care nothing about the hundreds of thousands of innocent, defenseless black babies who are violently killed in their mothers’ womb year after year in the United States alone. These left-leaning liberals have not and will not organize a march to protest the slaughter of these innocent blacks and they are completely silent with regard to the hundreds of blacks who are killed every week by other blacks in our country. If black lives really do matter to these black leaders, why ignore the killing of 20 million innocent, defenseless black babies in the womb, since the Supreme Court Roe V. Wade decision, and focus on the 20 unarmed black men killed by white policemen in the last few years? Neither is right! But why such an outcry with the 20 and such apathy for the 20,000,000?

The Answer

It’s because the 20 million black babies don’t fit the political agenda of left-leaning liberals. Police brutality does. Most leaders of the “so-called” Black Lives Matter groups look at how the black lives are killed in determining if that life mattered. If the innocent life was taken by a white policeman, then that life mattered, if by any other way, “You weren’t black, and we’ll never defend you!”

Some people like me and you believe that black lives matter (all black lives), because all lives matter. Several people in government positions are being fired and/or reprimanded for saying “all lives matter.” Black leaders are telling their supervisors that “all lives matter is racist.” Oh me! ... Oh my! I say boldly that all lives matter, for “God so loved the world (not just one color) that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him will have everlasting life.”

Let’s fight police brutality and all other kinds of brutality, but be careful who you allow to lead you in that fight, and be careful not to include the 99 percent of good, sacrificing law enforcement officers with the 1 percent bad. I take this opportunity to salute our fine, fair and professional cadre of law enforcement officers in Horton and Brown County.

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