As many of you know, I am a father to four beautiful daughters. As a dad, I have been asked all sorts of questions by my kids. What my kids are starting to realize as they get older is, I don’t have all the answers. They know this because their questions are getting harder and my answers are becoming more and more of this nature, “Ask your mom.”

This new realization of their dad’s limitations has been something that we all have had to get used to. As much as I want my kids to think that I know all and can do all, I know it can’t all stay that way. What God is teaching me in this season of parenting is true humility. That was no more the case as it was this past weekend. I was speaking at a Christian music festival in Missouri and in my message, I gave a testimony of the mistakes I had made as a young adult. This was a side of me that my kids had never heard before. The other thing that I had mentioned in my message was how much I loved my little girls.

After speaking, my kids came up and hugged me which was great for me because I wasn’t sure of the reaction. As we talked about my speech, they didn’t mention anything about the mistakes I made, but they did keep commenting on how much I mentioned my love for them in front

of everyone.

When it all comes down to it, the main thing that God taught me this weekend was... I don’t have to be the best-looking, smartest, richest dad in the world who has never made any mistakes before. I only have to be the dad that loves his kids and lets them know it. So as I close, I want to encourage all you other dads out there, let your kids know how much you love them and Happy Father’s Day.

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