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To the Editor,

Who do you blame if you are walking down a perfectly good driveway and you fall flat on your face? Who can you blame? Was it the concretes fault? How about the mower on the driveways edge, the car driving by, etc. You have no one to blame but yourself. Watch what you are doing! Pay attention! There is no one to blame!

Who do you blame if one day the citizens of this country vote to become a Socialist country? Who you blame? I’ll tell you who, us!

We sat here for years deaf and dumb to what was going on around us. It was like a wonderful meal. At the end of the meal, we had a cigarette and took a nap. We were content, fat and happy with our lives. It was the good life. If only the children may have such a good life. We napped and dreamed through reality.

You may have had someone tell you that “you are only half the man that your father was.” There may be some truth in that. This has become half the country that the “greatest generation” ran. The greatest country, like the greatest generation, has died.

God doesn’t always win over Satan. Truth doesn’t always win over a lie. The USA (good) has not won over the insane, power hungry, lying, divisive Socialist Democrats (evil). We have just fallen flat on our face. There will be no way to help ourselves up. We have no one to blame.

No promises, but I’ll try to make this my last “letter to the editor”. I worry that some of you take the frustration I express in my letters as hate. Hate is a nasty word that I try not to use. I hate what we have let happen to our once wonderful country.

Virgil Hallauer


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