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The harvest season in northeast Kansas can only be described as perfect. There has be no breaks since harvest began and I think they need a short break. The forecast is for light rain Monday (12th) morning, so that might do it. We just don’t want it to set in for a week. Harvesting of soybeans began much earlier than usual and that’s a good thing. We are grateful for these blessings.

Saturday and Sunday was a really busy time at my farm house. Kids and grandkids were here packing and taking my household stuff to my house in town. I’ll be back and forth this week moving small stuff and turning the house over to Scotti and Brock. Scotti has begun stripping wallpaper in my kitchen and lots of bulldozing has been done to accommodate Brock’s cattle. He has to build fence first, but it be great seeing livestock on the farm again. I think he raises black Angus. Bob’s 81st birthday would have been today — the 11th — and he would love seeing what is going on at the old farmstead. At first, he may not have liked it, but he would soon think the improvements would have been his idea.

I had a CT scan on the 8th and Dr. Pendurti read it to me and Mary Jane on the 9th. Two cancer spots “glowed” on my spine, so I will begin 10 days of radiation on the 19th. He doesn’t think the radiation will be deep, but I will be tired following the treatments. Following that he may prescribe an additional pill. I have been very lucky since I was diagnosed in May 2012, so this treatment is probably par for the course. Many in Doniphan County are fighting this despicable illness. We don’t sit down and take it though. We are fighters and will fight until we can’t anymore.

We are still in the buildings at DWest schools and we hope that continues. I have one ELA student who distant learns, but we’ve had no tech problems or communication with him problems. If a student is quarantined or absent, they can zoom in every day to keep current with assignments. We all mask up and we hope you do, too. Unless, you deliberately want to catch COVID-19 like Trump did. LOL His statement that the virus was nothing to fear was an insult to those thousands of families who have lost loved ones to that virus.

Today, Miss Hannah Nicole Twombly turned 16-years-old today the 11th. She and Grampa Bob shared the same birthday. She and some friends went shopping in Kansas City on Saturday — that’s her favorite thing to do. Hopefully, we can celebrate our Sweet Sixteen Girl sometime soon. Her sister Claire Katelynn Twombly will be 13 on the 25th.

I hope everyone has a blessed week with family and friends. You have choices to make every day — choose to be kind.

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