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Old Man Winter finally arrived in Doniphan County. Schools were dismissed Friday at noon so the buses could get students home before the ice and snow became more dangerous. It began raining early Friday morning and by the time school was dismissed at noon, my car was completely coated in ice. I hurried home and didn’t leave the house until Sunday around 11 a.m. when Sherman came to see if I wanted to go to his house for lunch with his family. Selena was driving a 4-wheel pickup, so I hopped in with her and Bob. Mary had a wonderful lunch, then we played a game of Pin & Joker before they brought me home again. Our roads are ice-packed and the highway between Highland and Sparks was icy, too. It was good to get out for a while then delivered back home safe and sound. DWest doesn’t have school on Monday (13th) but then it’s supposed to warm up on Tuesday. But, we may get another round of ice and snow by Thursday. It is January, so we understand Doniphan County winters.

Due to the storm, I was without power from 7:30 Friday evening to 6 Saturday evening. I stayed warm enough due to my gas range, a lantern, and plenty of candles. I stayed warm with blankets, but I worried about my houseplants freezing. I moved them all to the kitchen and they all survived. Eagle Electric is going to install a generator at my house so I’ll have power in spite of the storms. They have been busy getting our new restaurant, Kirkwood & Co., ready to open, so maybe I am next on the list. I can always cook when the power is out and pile on the blankets, so I do OK.

Paul, Jodi, and kids at Kirkwood & Co. Friday evening and judged everything delicious. The restaurant has become a fun gathering place to eat and visit in a welcoming atmosphere. Patrons don’t need to worry about missing any sports games. I didn’t count but I know there’s at least a dozen TV’s showing every event. Of course, the TV’s are silent, but everyone can watch their favorite sports event.

Granddaughter Scotti Ann Twombly Hanf received a nice award from the state of Kansas. On Jan. 7, Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education notified Scotti of her selection to the Kansas Horizon Award committee. Scotti is a second grade teacher at Hiawatha Elementary School. She began teaching at USD 415 with the 2018-2019 school year. This award recognizes first-year teachers for their excellent teaching during their first year of teaching. Scotti is one of 32 elementary/secondary teachers who will be recognized during a luncheon at the Kansas Exemplary Education Network conference in Topeka on Feb. 14. We are all so proud of her, but Dad Scott has the proudest smile. We love you, Mrs. Hanf!

The Larry O’Bryan family has several reasons to celebrate in the month of January. Their daughter, Kim O’Bryan Goehring celebrated her birthday on Jan. 11, son Justin’s birthday is on the 15th, and daughter-in-law Denise Wenger O’Bryan’s birthday is the 17th. Happy birthday to all!

On the field of life, people don’t recognize Christians because of a team jersey. They don’t recognize Christians by the clothing they wear, the cars they drive, or even where they live. Jesus said Christians would be known by their love for one another. That statement made me think of our students when they wear their team jerseys. Usually, the students make up a team that has practiced together and take the field/court to win, as a team. It’s always fun to watch your student play basketball, football, etc. But, remember they are playing on a TEAM, they will not win the game by themselves. So, moms, dads, grandparents, patrons, cheer for the TEAM. Let the coach do the coaching and PLEASE do not shout out the name of a particular player. Support the team with your enthusiasm, but please do not single out a player to criticize. It embarrasses the player and your player, too. So, show your Christ-like love for everyone.

Be careful out there in this weather. Or, enjoy the time to hibernate with a cup of hot coffee and a good book.

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