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What a beautiful weekend after so many gloomy, rainy days last week. The rain was appreciated but reminded me of Seattle or other places where it rains slowly for days. Saturday and Sunday were sunny with cooler temperatures. Our upcoming weeks are predicted to be dry, sunny, but not hot. Several farmers are wanting to begin harvest on Monday, but they will just have to try it and see if the corn is dry enough and ready to harvest.

KU and KState football teams let their fans down on Saturday when they lost their games. Jace and I watched the KSU game against Arkansas State and were very disappointed — their second half was a disaster. Hope they learned from those mistakes or it may not be a fun season for Wildcat fans. We always love our ‘Cats, but we don’t always like their performance. They should have won Saturday’s game, but it was not to be.

I was in town at my house-to-be on Sunday afternoon when Tom and Liz Smith stopped to visit. I had not seen them for a while, and Liz looks great. Her hair is growing back and now she is taking a pill instead of receiving chemo treatments. She and I agreed that there is just too much cancer in our area. Maybe nothing is causing it, but it sure seems so. Several more friends are being tested for cancer, so I ask a special blessing of healing for each of us as I’m still battling it, too.

Michael and Judy hosted a cookout for their kids and me on Saturday evening. Their grandkids are so fun and they play together so well. About 20 minutes before they are ready to leave, Grampa Michael chases them and they love it. He tries to hide and jump out to chase them and they won’t go home until he does. After the chase they are exhausted and ready to go home to bed.

Mary and Sherman hosted a birthday celebration for their daughter Katie Beth Meng. Michael, Judy, and I were invited, too. The first thing Judy wanted to do was meet and hold baby Callee Ann Meng. We all got our turn with her — even the men — but she just slept through all our passing her around. I hope she sleeps that well during the night. Katie’s menu of choice was hot wings and red velvet cake which everyone enjoyed. Shooting blue rocks filled out the afternoon for the men. Everyone enjoyed the perfect weather to be outside.

Great-grandson, 18 month old Bob, has an apple tree in his yard and he has discovered that pigs and cows like apples. So, he and Mom go outside and when he picks up apples to throw, the cows come running. They recognize him and know he has a treat for them. The pigs are not as gentle when they see Bob coming with apples. They push and shove trying to be the first to get the treat. Their manners are not as nice as the cows. Bob is happy to do his “chores” twice a day.

Mary and Judy have drained their swimming pools, so I guess summer is officially over. It’s a lot of work filling the pools and draining the pools, but the families and their friends appreciate the fun of swimming and socializing.

Grandchildren Hannah, Claire, and Jace came Sunday afternoon to see the house in town. When they went upstairs, each of them claimed a bedroom and made plans on how to decorate them. So, when we have time, we’ll all go shopping to get bedding and other things they’ll need. They are all so busy that it will be fun when they can actually spend a night or two with me.

Successful people are not afraid to fail. They have the ability to accept their failures and continue on, knowing their failure is a natural consequence of trying. The law of failure is one of the most powerful of all the success laws because you only really fail when you quit trying.

Happy birthday to Mike Simpson on the 15th, and Matthew Twombly on the 18th

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