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On a history exploration after a couple of my fellow history investigators stopped by for a visit. The reason for this visit was to share with me information about a resident of Brown County after doing quite a bit of personal research. Frank is born on November 18, 1853, in Panesville, Ohio.

In 1860, Frank relocated with his parents to Troy, Kansas. Frank quickly establishes himself in the community and opens a harness business in Severance, Kansas. Frank married Eva Steele on December 26, 1877. The Case family will relocate to Hiawatha in 1880. Frank Case establishes himself as a prominent businessman in Hiawatha, Kansas. Frank Case had a harness and buggy business located at 714 Oregon Street. What becomes apparent in the information uncovered is that Frank was industrious and quite the entrepreneur! Frank Case is an avid community-minded citizen. Frank Case serves on the city council and the school board. Frank is an elder in the Christian Church. Frank and Eva Case have two children together, daughters, Myrtle and Mabel. Myrtle Case married in the family home in 1905. Frank Case died in the family home on May 11, 1935. Five years before his death he suffers a severe health ailment, apoplexy. Frank is cared for by a nurse in the family home in his final days. Eva Case passed away on June 19, 1944. Eva had suffered a broken hip was cared for in St. Joseph hospital.

The Case homestead located at 714 Shawnee Street, Hiawatha, Kansas. The house constructed in the Italianate style. The Italianate style is popular from 1840 to 1885. The house is built in approximately 1879-1880 and remodeled and renovated multiple times. The current owners have an appreciation for the historical quality and style of the home and have been restoring the house to its original state.

Italianate architectural characteristics are usually a two-story building or three-story detached homes. Italianate styles homes feature items such as cornices, ornamented windows, porches, and doorways.

The home transfers ownership to K.M & Catherine Griffith. The home transfer’s owners again to Jim and Sharon Turner who while renovating the home discover a wedding dress in a cubby in the attic. What a treasure! As always, and there is so much more to every story! Find it! Be sure to stop by and share with me what you discover.


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