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Over the past few weeks, I had been doing a little exploration of the book collection located in the museum, and as usual, history never leaves an individual disappointed. The treasure that I uncovered is now in a binder but is a photocopied collection of some of the most amazing treasures. The front page reads “Brown County Handbook” I have not discovered a physical copy of this treasure yet! The book does not have a printed date.

Who knew Brown County had a handbook. The first page reads “Topographical Charms” “Brown County which from end to end is a land of marvelous bewildering bounty whose impress can never be effaced from the memory of the visitor.” Also within the handbook are several plantation photos that this history investigator had not previously uncovered. “The Pines” a photograph in the collection.

The Pines was the residence of the former Governor Edmund Needham Morrill and his first lady, Caroline Jenkins Nash. The Governor had been married previously to Elizabeth A. Brettum, who died only a few short years after they married.

Dig out your family treasure chests. You may have a physical copy of this gem! As always, there is much more to every story! Find it! #HistoryMysteries!

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