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Did you know that the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons once met in the cottonwood courthouse located in the center of Hiawatha town park? From a historical perspective, it is always nice to be able to visually place a building where it once stood if it is no longer visible. The cottonwood courthouse (the first courthouse) stood approximately 300 feet west of the present courthouse on the square. At the time, the Mason’s met in the cottonwood courthouse. On the surrounding grounds of the town park, there were no trees planted at the time. The meetings occurred in a second-floor room. The masons would build and meet in various buildings around the square.

The history of Masonic Lodge fellowship is as follows in 1862; a two-story building erected on the corner of 6th and Oregon Street by Brother, R.S. Fairchild the Masons will continue meeting in this building until 1874. In 1874, the Masons moved to a stone building located on Oregon Street, built by Brother, W. B. Barnett. In 1880, a third floor added to “Opera House” located on the site of the Fairchild Building. The cost of this new floor was to help absorb the cost of the Opera House, which was $40,000 (equating the value of those dollars today to 1,005,447.06!) The price tag shared by Hiawatha Lodge #13 and #43 Mount Horeb Chapter. In 1920, the current Masonic Lodge was purchased from the Life and Annuity Association and remains visible today at the corner of 6th and Utah Street on the south side of the street.

The Freemason’s, by historical documentation considered to be the oldest fraternal organization in existence in the world with historical documentation as early as 1717, but it believed to been existence much longer and often referred to as a medieval guild. The Free Mason’s were skilled medieval builders who worked with limestone and sandstone, referred to as “freestone.” Another branch of the Free Masons is the “Royal Arch” to which Mount Horeb is collectively considered. These Royal Arch Mason are referred to as companions and lead an exemplary life based upon certain tenants and principals.

Every single story is a priceless and precious part of our incredible world. You each have opportunities to explore and discover marvelous history relics; uncover the remarkable treasures and stories in your family treasure chests. There is as always so much more to every story! Find it! Send me a quick note and share with me what you discover!


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