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In 1871, James Stoffer owned a beautiful piece of land that was known for the healing properties of the water that accompanied the area. This land later referred to as “Sun Springs.” Sun Springs is purchased in 1898, by Captain F. A. Gue. The captain and his wife remembered as natural entertainers! Those who reflected on the character was that these two were just the sort of people who could make the resort famous!

Captain F. A. Gue will sell Sun Springs to J. C. Hayes, and shortly after he purchases the resort, erecting a 35 room hotel, the location of the hotel is where the house will later stand. Many wealthy people soon hear of the healing properties of the resort and travel to enjoy the benefits. The hotel will burn down in 1917. The land, then purchased by Milton Snyder where the “Hobby house” was erected. The “Hobby house” will feature the many talents of Mrs. Snyder.

On Sunday afternoons, crowds would gather from near and far to enjoy the band concerts. Later a swimming pool will be built in 1920. After this a skating rink which doubles as the dance pavilion is built. These treasures are all but erased from existence visibly. Hoping that someone has photographic evidence of the beloved Sun Springs they would be willing to pull out and share from the family treasure chest! As always, there is so much more to every story! Find it! Be sure to stop by and share with me what you discover.


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