An article on Captain Schilling from The Kansas Democrat, Hiawatha on Feb. 14, 1901.

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Settling into the early days of the Kansas territory was not an easy task. It was certainly not for the faint of heart, mind, or body! Captain John Schilling was born at Bingen–On-The Rhine, Germany on Jan. 1, 1839. John will come over to America as a small boy with his father Valentine Schilling, and the family will settle in upper New York. The family will later relocate to Michigan, and when John enters adulthood, John will relocate to Missouri, it is following this move that John will meet his wife. John will meet and marry his sweetheart, Susan Meisenheimer of Amazonia, Missouri.

In 1857, John and his young family will come to Brown County and establish a residence near Hiawatha. When John and his family move to Brown County, they are of meager financial circumstances. The Schilling family endures many hardships when they first come to Brown County. Civil War erupts, and John heeds the call to serve. John will complete his military duty with marks for his bravery and courage. It is at this time John becomes elected to the rank of Captain.

Captain John Schilling will have an extensive career in the merchandise business. John will be very successful and possesses unusually masterful business talents. Captain John Schilling is well liked in the community and very highly esteemed and will throw his hat into the political arena and will be well liked and unusually successful in this endeavor as well.

As always there is so much more to this story. Find it! Be sure to share with me what you discover! #HistoryMysteries

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