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Pictured Hiawatha Lake Postcard Treasure part of the Brown County Historical Society Collection.

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Our New Year’s journey is off to a start, and it appears that COVID plans to stay as an extended visitor that everyone anxiously awaits its long-overdue departure.

It seems this year’s history intends to leave a relatively lasting imprint on every individual. Brown County Historical Society remains closed to visitors for the time being to prevent the further spread of COVID. Brown County Historical Society continues to weigh whether or not to stop individual gatherings currently allowed at the Carwell Building (with social distancing, gathering guidelines and sanitizing procedures in place.) Presently, Brown County Historical Society is unsure if the activities will resume 2021 due to the present conditions related to COVID. Please be assured history and safety remain a focus for every member of our local community and a broader global perspective in a world adhering that every person matters and any life lost due to COVID is too many.

This week the reflection of history again comes from “A.N. Ruley’s History of Brown County.” It is a rather enjoyable read and often finds this history explorer filled with a new tidbit of history not previously explored. The following story, “SALT,” can be found in the previously mentioned book. As you are aware, salt serves many functions for food preparation and preservation. It appears Brown County was also known to have possessed salt in bountiful supply. During an excavation in 1884 by the water, coal, and gas company, they undoubtedly were surprised by the outcome. At 200 feet, saltwater filled the pipes. Later, on the Mahoney farm, who obtained a Falls City well digger’s services with aspirations of a well on the farm struck at 350 feet — you may have guessed it — saltwater.

As always, there is so much more to every story. Find it, be sure to reach out and let me know what you discover! #HistoryMysteries

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