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On a journey exploring all things history this morning, and my interest again captured by many things in Horton’s past that no longer visible for the avid history adventurer to discover.

One of the exciting discoveries included the reference to 1st Avenue East, which in the early days of Horton labeled High Street on old maps (I knew it was High Street). I had no idea it was referred to as “Rock Island Avenue,” the reason for this title. There were more than 900 railroad shop employees that often housed the workers in Horton’s hotels!

“The Hotel Grand,” located at 10th and Central Streets in Horton. The Hotel Grand withstood tornado damage twice in her 91 years in Horton History. This hotel featured a grand ballroom, crystal chandeliers, and beckoned people of the community to enjoy the amenities. It has been a longstanding wish that I see one of the chandeliers, perhaps in a photograph. I have been told that the chandeliers were magnificent. Feel free to explore this incredible article in depth, dated October 30, 1986, Horton Headlight, Through the Years, Pictorial History of 100 years, Souvenir Edition.

Other pictorial relics included in this feature include Horton, Kansas, Fair Parade held in 1945. It is a glorious and humbling image to see so many people enjoying Horton. May 1912, May Day Exercises at First Ward School. The number of students takes one’s breath away! January 21, 1908, the New First Ward School is completed; the original First Ward School was built in 1887, and located at 15th and 2nd Avenue West Street. Shortly after the completion of the first building, it soon became too small to fulfill student capacity.

There are so many incredible pieces of history in Horton, begging for someone to uncover them. History should be preserved for future generations to experience. Explore and uncover marvelous history relics; uncover mysteries in your family treasure chests. There is, as always, so much more to every story! Find it! Please reach out and send me a quick note and share with me what you discover! #HistoryMysteries!

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