Follow the longitude and latitude to 39.6534° N, 95.4874° W, and you will discover a very well-kept cemetery. In 1858, Kennekuk found a need for a cemetery within the community. Kennekuk, now nearly erased from the map, was approximately 1 ½ mile South of the cemetery.

One of the earliest settlements in Kansas was located in Kennekuk to establish a Methodist Episcopal Church Mission established in 1833. The mission and Kickapoo tribe infused with one another in the same region. Thus, the town’s name honored the Kickapoo Chief and prophet “Kennekuk,” who relocated to the area in 1832.

The first relocated individual was a French lineage man who settled and built and home in Pascal Pensoneau, born in Cahokia, Illinois. The Pensoneau family immigrated from Canada to Illinois. Paschal acquires his land from the government for years of service. The land where the home was described to be located on Stranger Creek banks in 1839. Paschal was an interpreter and fur trader. In 1844, Paschal married the daughter of the Chief, Shikina. Paschal and Shikina will have children. The children have been another history mystery that has not yet unraveled itself. One daughter is Peponie Pensoneau. Paschal and Shikina also adopt a son named Stephen. Paschal was highly regarded and well thought of by people of the community. The people remembered him as intelligent, polite, courteous, and well-mannered. Paschal’s family did not acknowledge either he or his family following the marriage. The descendants of Paschal and Shakina are active in leadership roles and maintain the family’s history and legacy. Shakina and Paschal should be remembered and honored for the accomplishments in life and the lasting ripple they had on future generations. Perhaps you know of someone who has celebrated many accomplishments and achievements. As always, there is so much more to every story. Find it, be sure to reach out, and let me know what you discover! #HistoryMysteries

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