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Rock Island Railroad shops in Horton.

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Nadeau Bro’s –9-7-1888 – Nadeau Bro’s have purchased the building owned by the Kansas Real Estate and Investment Co., next door to the post office, and are arranging it for their tonsorial parlor. 9-17-1888- have moved their barbershop to its new quarters on Front Street.

Oak View Real Estate — J. H. Christman — North Main Street — Farm & City property for sale 11-26-1887 The Oak View real estate is now ready to receive the patronage of an appreciative people who desire a pleasant home. The lots in the beautiful Oak View Addition are especially desirable. J. H, Christman is the sole owner and agent.

Odd Fellows — 9-17-1888 — The Odd Fellows have leased the use of the Brotherhood lodge room over the new Donnelly building for a year and will move therein tomorrow. 9-14-1888 The Odd Fellows propose to celebrate the first anniversary of the institution of Horton Lodge, No. 331, on November 25.

Opera Drug Store — Shock & Pierce — 5-4-1888 — The new room for the drug store of Schock & Pierce is nearly ready for occupancy. — 5-11-1888 — Pierce & Shock have opened their stock of drugs on South Main 5-17-1888 — Pierce & Shock, the proprietors of the New Opera Drug Store in Kemper’s new brick. They have just opened an immense stock of goods and ready for business

Pacific House — 7--27-1888 — Monday, the doors of the Pacific House on North Main street were thrown open to the public by the new landlord, B. C. Smith, who, with his wife and efficient help, will endeavor to make this a favorite resort of the traveling public. The $2.00 per day house and first-class in every particular. The patronage of the public in general and, more significantly, commercial travelers invited to give the Pacific House a trial. 8-17-1888 Mr. Smith, of the Pacific House, says his patronage is such that he finds it necessary to erect an addition to the already large building.

Peter Berney — 6-15-1888 — Is contemplating the erection of a brick block on West Front Street.

Peter Trompeter — Paper 12-17-1887 — New hotel is fast nearing completion and makes a nice appearance

Pierce & Schock 5-11-1888 Pierce & Schock have opened their adequate stock of drugs on South Main street, and a peep within will convince you that it is one of the most handsome and most neatly arranged store in Kansas. The boys are enterprising, and from the arrangement of their store, it is evident that they know how to invite trade. (See Opera Drug Store)

R. E. Porterfield — Main Street — Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Cutlery, Etc. 2-10-1888 — R. E. Porterfield has sold his hardware stock to J. H. Miller of Plattsburg, Mo. Mr. Miller will remove the temporary building from its present site and erect it in its stead a fine brick. The parties owning the two lots adjoining on the north will also build bricks, making a fine block

R. M Legg — Plasterer Flue & Cistern Builder — East Beatrice Street

Randall, Johnson & Son Real Estate — 121 East Front Street — 12-17-1887 — Have their new livery and sale barn on West Vera street nearly completed

Red Front Real Estate Exchange (R.F.R.E.E.) 123 East Front Street (See A. Gottig dated 8-31-1888)

Ross & Hopkins Grocery

Rudd Jewelry — 9-28-1888 — The Rudd Jewelry outfit has returned to Hiawatha. Such third-class stocks stand no show with the other Horton dealers.

Ryan & Stuart Lawyers — Office in Lenington Block — 2-3-1888 Bryan & Stuart have moved their law office to the front rooms on the second floor of the Maxwell building.

S. M. Ettinger — East Front Street — Clothier & Gent’s Furnisher — 9-14-1888 — S. M. Ettinger has leased the new building to be erected by Mr. Donnelly just west of the Horton Hardware and will occupy it with his clothing store as soon as completed.

S. S. Gibson & Company — 1-28-1888 — Have sold their stock to P. E. Nash

Schnable & Co. Building Materials — Yards at West Delaware Street — 1-27-1888 — A New Enterprise — Messrs. Bird & Tailor, territorial agents for the new combination fence, for farm use, have established a manufacturer with Schnable & Co., of this place, which will be put in operation at once. Township agencies will be found, and it is the purpose of supplying four counties with the goods from the Horton factory. This fence will be sold complete for 50 to 75 cents per rod and is both pig-tight and horse-high, and also strong and durable. This is a permanent enterprise for Horton.

Shannon Bros — 4-13-1888 — Hardware and Coal Ad — 7-27-1888 NEW BUSINESS HOUSES — The Commercial is informed that Shannon Bro’s, one of the leading and the first hardware firm in the city, will move their frame building from its present site, northwest corner of Front and Arthur streets, and erect in its place a handsome two-story brick, supplied with elevator and all the modern conveniences for handling heavy hardware. This critical move is brought about by their increasing business and the demand for more room.

Sprague & Bradley Drug Store — See George W. Simonds & Co. 12-24-1887

Star Restaurant — J. C. Case Prop. — East Vera Street

Stiles, Mrs -2-3-88 — has a very cozy lunch room connected with the Home Bakery on East Front street.

Stivers & Fisher Physicians — Office in the rear of Palace Drug Store

Stivers & Sautter Druggists

Swearing & Wagner — East Vera St. 12-11-1887 — Groceries, feed, and best brand of flour. (See East End Grocery)

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