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Pictured Powhattan Street Scene part of the Brown County Historical Society Collection.

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On a discovery, this morning for all things history and as usual history did not disappoint. A treasure of a book that holds many historical gems! The book “The History of Powhattan and the Powhattan Community” was written by Leon Wenger. Opening the pages and uncovered a story of a fire that threatened the Powhattan community.

In the very early morning, hours between 3 and 4 am on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 1907, when the smell of smoke awoke the Stewart family. The family very nearly escaped their apartments due to the fire taking over the area. The fire appeared to have begun in the bakery and, in the end, had destroyed four businesses. The fire damages included the following companies:

The Meat Market, owned by George Moore

A restaurant owned by A.W. Moose

Wash Stewart family apartments

Dr. Stewart Drug Store

General Merchandise Store owned by E.R. Smith

In reflecting on the fire, the townspeople considered the swift alert and reaction to the fire why more businesses were not damaged. Bystanders recalled the heat of the fire was so great that the fire responders had to be soaked with water to prevent further injuries and damages to responders. As always, there is so much more to every story. Find it, be sure to reach out, and let me know what you discover! #HistoryMysteries

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