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Pictured is a Golden Rule Christmas Postcard Treasure, Brown County Historical Society collection.

Executive Director/Curator

As usual, on a journey searching for all things, history and history rarely disappoints. The true story of Santa Claus chronicles the story of Saint Nicholas. You may know him as Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, St. Nick, and Father Christmas, to name just a few. Nicholas was born in 280 A.D. in Patara, the area is known as Turkey. Nicholas was born into a wealthy family. The family raised Nicholas to be Christian. Nicholas’s family died during an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. Nicholas gave his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. Nicholas spent his entire life serving and helping people, and while a young man, he is made the Bishop of Myra. Bishop Nicholas is fondly remembered for his generosity to those in need!

Most importantly, his love for children! Nicholas remembered for his kind heart, good deeds, and as a guardian for children and sailors. In his life, he was neither fat nor jolly or an elf but rather headstrong and stubborn and a defender of any person who needed a champion, including fundamental truths regarding Christianity. Nicholas’ was kind and generous and spent his entire life and entire fortune sharing. On Dec. 6, Nicholas passed away; his life was celebrated annually with a feast. For many years, Dec. 6 was a day of good luck to make purchases or even get married. Yes, there is a Santa Claus.

As always, there is so much more to every story. Find it, be sure to reach out and let me know what you discover! #HistoryMysteries

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