Horton Electric Plant

Brown County Historical Society

An early photo of the Horton Electric Plant.

This is a continuation of last week’s History Mystery article about the history of Horton.

D. C. Coon — Photographer — East Delaware Street — (Ad 4-6-1888)

D. E. Randall Real Estate — 121 East Front Street (A.D. 4-6-1888)

Dr. A. B. Phillips — 3-9-1888 — A homeopathic physician from Meriden, Kansas, has located in Horton. His office for the present is in the excellent Samaritan building.

Dr. M. L. Zimmerman, Homeopathist (Ad 6-22-1888), treats summer complaints and cholera infantum by a new and successful method. Office corner High and Front.

Dr. M. S. Brundage & Co. have opened the doors of their fine drug store to an appreciative public on South High Street in their new brick building just completed. Their patrons assured all new and fresh goods, drugs, etc. Despite large stock on hand, products regularly added to, and under the charge of Mr. H. C.Hewitt, who so well knows how to please, we predict success and congratulate them in the selection of Mr. Hewitt

Dr. W. S. Cotten — Dentist — Teeth $10 — Silver & cement fillings 75 cents — Gold fillings from $1 up -Room 11 over Horton Hardware Co. 6-22-1888 A.D.

Dr’s Crafton and Uhl — 8-21-1888 — are now located in their new office over the Bank of Horton.

Dr. Heckadorn — 6-28-1888 — Has his office rooms over the Horton Hardware — 9-21-1888 — Dr. Heckadorn will erect a handsome business house on East Front Street near the Bitzer bank building early in the spring.

Dr. Little — 12-17-1887 — The two lots adjoining the Horton Hardware Co’s new building on Front Street sold to Dr. Little, of Baker, who, we understand, will put up a brick building covering both lots, in the spring

Dr. Reynolds — 1-27-1888 — Either day or night calls for the doctor should come to his office on High Street in the Brundage Building.

Dr. Secrist — 1-27-1888 — Arrived in Horton Saturday to remain permanently 2-3-1888 — Dr. Secrist is having an office building moved from Willis to this place and will place it on a lot on North Main Street. — 8-21-1888 — The firm of Secrist & Crofton, doctors, has dissolved. Mr. Secrist is remaining in the office over the Horton Hardware.

David Clement — 11-26-1887 — Will immediately open up a stock of gents’ furnishing goods, notions, and millinery in one of the Brundage rooms on High Street.

Deutsch Bros — 4-20-1888 — Have purchased the Hellelberger & Clarks stock of Dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, etc. at the Assignee sale, and will pack up and move the goods in about two weeks; previous to that time, we will offer at the old stand everything in the store. — 6-1-1888 — We learn that Deutsch Bro’s will remain permanently in Horton and secure a better location in the business center of the city for their stock of dry goods. 6-8-1888 Deutch Bros. has leased the storeroom in the stone bank building, paying $1500 per year for it, now expected to be completed in about a month. 8-20-1888 — Deutsch Bros. is currently located in their fine new storeroom, corner Front & Main.

Dixon & Heckman’s – 5-18-1888 — THE NEW PALACE — On Wednesday evening, the formal opening of Messrs. Dixon & Heckman’s new billiard parlor and club room was celebrated in grand style. Invitations were extended to the lovers of innocent amusement, and at nine o’clock, the rooms were crowded with a large assembly of orderly gentlemen. At the proper time, refreshments were served, and Everybody partook of the same in a manner that betokened relish. The grand opening was conducted in a manner that assures these parlors to become the popular resort of the city. It is the intention of Messrs. Dixon & Heckman to conduct their business in a manner that will prove creditable. The parlors of the “Horse Shoe Social Club,” as it will be called, are as elaborately furnished as any that can be found in Kansas. Handsome decorations, Brussels carpets, comfortable seats, etc., with an air of respectability and comfort that is in keeping with the good nature and hospitality of Mr. Dixon. None are allowed to become members of this club and enjoy the comfort and retirement of the parlors only such gentlemen as deport themselves in a manner creditable to themselves and the town. New Parlor and Club Room Grand Opening 5-18-1888

Donnely & Mitchell, The excavation for the Donnelly & Mitchell block, is completed, and work on the foundation commenced. 6-8-1888 — The stonework for the new Donnelly building is now in progress, and the work will be pushed along rapidly.-6-15--1888 — The K. P. and Odd Fellows lodges of this place have made arrangements with Mr. Donnelly, whereby a third story will be added to his brick block to constitute a lodge room for these orders. It will be supplied with all the modern conveniences, with the main room 50 feet square, six anterooms, etc. Good lodge rooms are at a premium in Horton just now. 6-28-1888 — The Donnelly block is being pushed right along now. The brick walls are going skyward at a rapid rate. 8-3-1888 — The building is nearly completed 7-6-1888 – We understand the Messers. Donnelly and Mitchell will commence the erection of another brick building directly west of the Horton Hardware building, as soon as the now being constructed is completed.

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