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The Governor of Kansas has announced a lift of the stay at home order, and has outlined a phased process of re-opening the state to recreational activities. And Kansas is not alone, the nation as a whole has begun the process of moving closer to having sports back on the field. Here is my guide to getting back into the swing of things as the sporting world gets its feet back beneath it.

First off, if you have not been following along and you want to get excited about watching live sports again, take a peek at ESPN’s The Last Dance. The 6-episode chronicle of the Chicago Bulls’ dominant run, painted through the spectrum of their final championship season. I was the right age to have watched all of the championship seasons as a boy, and I actively cheered against the Bulls, but I have enjoyed this limited series to no end, and ESPN played their hand brilliantly in pushing up the release date to coincide with very little else going on in the sports world. If you are ready to get your blood flowing for competition, give it a watch and remember the greatest champions we may ever see.

And ESPN is bringing us another gem this week, in announcing that they will broadcast six games per week of the South Korean professional baseball league. If you’re just dying for some sports, tune in and give it a try. I must admit, I’m curious. There is some promise of seeing former MLB players in the league, so maybe we’ll see some familiar faces. I’ll check it out a few times over the coming weeks as our own local and professional teams prepare to take the field.

Basketball may be up in the air, but it seems like baseball is on a quick path back into our lives. If things hold up, Hiawatha will have everything from Little League play through American Legion and even a new experience in the Mid Plains League’s Bravos playing in town as early as June 15th. I can’t wait to hear the crack of a bat and see the whiff of dirt settle on a runner sliding into home. I hope we can all take the pent up need for live sports that we have been feeling and pour them into supporting our local teams.

Rumor has it that professional baseball is taking aim at the Fourth of July weekend for a return to action, which means we will have the opportunity to see the Royals on the field this season. Further, by the point, we should have a better understanding of how our country is handling the return from the Coronavirus scare and whether a second wave is likely, and hopefully a clearer picture of what football season looks like at the high school, college and professional levels. Of course, the sporting aspect is not as important as the recovery of our country and economy, but for my part, I sure hope to see you all out there very soon, cheering for our local athletes and appreciating the opportunity like we never have.

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