Rev. Tom Stone

Rev. Tom Stone

The Apostle Paul wrote to the early church in Corinth, “Let there be no division among you.” I Corinthians 1:10

I believe that the biggest cause of division in our country today, as it relates to education, comes from liberal-leaning educators and politicians who are imposing “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) on our public schools and universities. This effort is real and ubiquitous. It is not isolated to California and New York. At the most recent 415 school board meeting held on July 12, several comments from the public were allowed. Nearly all of those who commented wanted the school board to know what they knew about CRT, and not one of those who had comments spoke favorably about CRT.

Faith Karimi, a black CNN reporter in a May 10,2021 article entitled, “What Critical Race Theory Is and Isnt”, says that “Critical Race theorists believe that racism is an everyday experience for most people of color and that a large part of society has no interest in doing away with it because it benefits white elites . . . that “many American institutions are racist . . . [that] people are privileged or oppressed because of their race.”

I say that milder statements like the above quote hide the more radical practices and indoctrinations that CRT proponents push. Thousands of university students, people in their work places and even in liberal churches, are complaining that they are being bombarded with messages that if their skin is white, they are necessarily a “privileged, white racist” and that if their skin is darker than white, they are disadvantaged by the evil white racists around them. Many white students will gather in school assemblies across the nation on the first days of schools this fall to hear that they are “privileged” and probably “racist” because they haven’t done enough to stop “systemic racism” that’s keeping blacks and other dark-skinned people from getting an identification card to vote. I’ve been voting for 55 years, now. Didn’t know that I’m not smart enough to get an ID without help from liberals.

I believe that CRT proponents start with an undeniable truth such as “racism can be seen in our country from its very beginnings until the present.” Then, they exaggerate that truth into a blatant lie, such as “The United States of America is an evil county which was founded to give Whites slavery laws and a judicial system which allows all whites to gain wealth by owning black slaves.” Then, developing indoctrination plans and activities based on the exaggerated, blatant lie, rather than on the truth from which they started.

The goal is to control our minds and actions to ultimately think like their mentors—Marxist/Socialists. They want me to think I’m a victim (being black) and you (if you’re white) to think you’re a privileged racist. Neither is true. When my wife Viki and I went to college in the 1960’s on scholarships and grants, we had no idea we were victims so we went ahead, excelled in our areas of expertise and landed good jobs. Too late to tell us we are victims.

Now, we the people in large numbers, must let this small number of liberal leaders know who we really are—people who love our country and each other, no matter what our skin color happens to be. No, I am not a victim and you are not a racist.

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