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“Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness…”

…were not granted because men made laws, but are given by the Creator. Laws were made to protect, not deny, these natural rights. These guiding principles should inspire governmental bodies of the U.S. However, overreaching policies are driving a hatred for these American values. Some thoughts…

Life is not solely defined by biological and electrical impulses that maintain a person’s body. The government said control was necessary to preserve “such life” during the COVID year. Yet, abortion was the leading cause of death in the U.S. in 2020! The implication: one life matters over another. Another pillar of American life, the public school system, is teaching the same hypocrisy. Students are indoctrinated with the Marxist- critical race theory, which is an ideological assault on the U.S. founding principle that all men are created equal. Education should unite Americans and teach authentic civics in a spirit of true tolerance and liberty.

Liberty, and the civil rights attached, is being taken over by socialism. What expense are you willing to incur during the next crisis? Count the real cost and human toll caused by recent mandates. It is wicked to tell people they are “non-essential” while hacking away at another pillar of American life, churches, when strip joints and casinos are given a free pass to stay open. This does not create harmony in a divided nation. The tip of this hypocrisy iceberg will sink this U.S. ship if the rudder is not reattached to veer us away from the Godlessness infiltrating our communities. God’s Word is the rudder to which we are all accountable.

Pursuit of happiness is the right to freely produce what is true, good, and beautiful emanating from our conscience, faith, ideas, wills, education, opinions, work skills, and talents. However, governing authorities controlling most everything are pulling off their own masks. Beware of politicians who do “good” at someone else’s expense. Free expression of thought in open forums is quickly being censored like in communist nations. Do not let that stop you from participating in the long public tradition of democratic civil debate. It is by speaking one’s mind, unafraid, that protects and defends what we are quickly losing. Don’t count on someone else to do it.

If you are for protecting your constitutional rights, start locally by demanding that your commissioners, school board members, and representatives recognize that We the People live in the home of the brave, vote, and support the American Republic, not leftist policies. Remind them they work for us, not the other way around. You can also put your frustration into action by joining together with other like minded individuals. Email us at for more information.

Submitted by Brown County Liberty Alliance: Jerry Aller, Stuart & Amanda Aller, David & Brianna Childress, Caleb & Amber Clement, Rick & Jeannie Clouse, Abigail Compton, Betty Dvorak, Randy & Kay Garber, Scott & Jessica Gigstad, Melissa Gormley, Tom Gudenkauf, Harold & Ruby Heinen, Lucas & Kendra Heinen, Laura Hooper, Brian & Annette Hoskins, Brady Hoskins, John & Holly Isaacs, Chris Kroll, Daniel & Michelle Larson, Rex & Nicki Lockwood, Andrew Mitchell, Pastor Tom Stone, Matt Tietjens, Dirk & Becky Waser, Gwen Winter, Craig & Trudy Wischropp, Clif & Linda Barnhill

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