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Hey Everyone,

For this week’s Pastor’s Corner, I think I am going to take a shortcut. I am actually going to submit a letter that my daughter Autumn wrote last week.

Ten years ago, my wife and I lost our second daughter to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, aka SIDS. Autumn was only 18 months old at the time, but her whole life has had this connection with her younger sister who had passed. Just like my wife and me, Autumn has grieved the loss of her sister. And when she grieves, often times she goes into her room and starts to journal. This is what she journaled last week on the 6th, which would have been her sister’s 10th birthday...

”Dear family,

I’m just your average girl, but I’ve seen a lot of sadness, for example, 10 years ago on January 20, was the saddest day so far, that day I lost my sister to SIDS. She was so tiny, she was 2 weeks old. It was so sad, my parents stopped eating, they only ate Oreos and peanut butter M&MS. My point is that sadness, as well as awful, we need it. Because sadness is what inspires us, and helps us grow. Some people may think why is she bringing this up. Well I know that there are people hiding from sadness, but they shouldn’t be. People were made for reasons, but God made everyone, not just one person, so we could help each other, not so we can hide. I believe that it is good to feel sad, cause sadness comes from Love, and the heart.”

I do believe that Autumn has a great point in this letter. It’s OK to be sad. God gave us everything we own, everything we are and all the emotions that go with that. So as I close I want to remind you that as you walk through grief, just remind yourself of this...

The sadness that you are experiencing is just a result of love that you have had in your life and love is NEVER a bad thing.

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