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To the Editor,

C’mon, City Commission. Look around you. Sabetha has said No to a mask mandate. So has the whole state of Iowa and also our own county commissioners. Covid cases in the US went down 23% last week. A lot of folks have already been vaccinated or had the virus and we don’t have any way of knowing how many more are already immune from a case they never knew they had.

We’ve all lived under the threat of Covid for over a year and we’ve all already figured out the extent we want to go to protect ourselves and how to do that and really don’t need Big Brother dictating rules to us that only serve to create an atmosphere of fear and worry. That worry shows itself in locked up City Hall, banks, several stores, closed restaurants and resultant loss of business income to other more open cities.

Remember, no one is prohibited from wearing a mask or avoiding crowds if they want to. Any store, business or church can require masks or limit crowding if they want to and no one will object to those things. But, give us credit for having learned about the virus and for being able to think and do the right things to protect ourselves on our own.

When the threat of illness and case numbers were high last year, the City Commission did right to step in to help us deal with the problem. We needed all the ideas and help we could get then and we thank you for that. But, things are different at present and I think your job now is to allow us to return, carefully, to normalcy, by encouraging offices, stores and restaurants to open and by allowing each of us to care for and protect ourselves as we each see fit.

Roger L. Rankin


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