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Dear Editor,

In regard to the Sept. 30, 2021 meeting of the Brown County Commissioners, allowing loaded guns to be carried inside the County Courthouse is a really bad idea. An angry person with a loaded gun in the Treasurer’s Office, or during a contentious court case, or at a meeting of the County Commissioners may result in injury or death.

And as for the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, nowhere in that amendment does it list WHERE guns can be carried.

Thank you to Judge Jim Patton, Sheriff John Merchant, Kristina Romine of the NEK Multi County Health Department for their comments on this matter. Thank you to Commissioners Richard Lehmkuhl and Lamar Shoemaker for not seconding the motion to allow loaded guns to be carried in the County Courthouse.

And thank you to Joey May and to the Hiawatha World for printing articles about our country government.

Sincerely, Joyce Bartley, Fairview

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