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To the Editor,

This week we lost our dog, Stan. He was with us for 8 years. Each grandchild had a special bond with Stan. They read to him, played fetch for hours, gave him extra treats and wrestled with him. He let me know when somebody pulled in the driveway or if a cat was on the porch.

All that was taken in a moment when two people decided to drag race in front of our house. Yes, drag race — stop, line up and then speed off. These individuals are not kids. They live near us and have pets of their own. Speeding and showing off killed Stan.

While losing Stan is horrible for our family, thank the Lord it was not a child they hit while being selfish and irresponsible. Hamlin has so many kids and this could have been so much worse.

Please don’t be the problem and cause another family this kind of pain. I am begging if someone sees this type of behavior to report it to authorities.

De Aun Sanner


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